"The Look Of Love" - dinner for two!

- Andżelika Dzikowska
"The Look Of Love" - dinner for two!

Only two weeks separate us from February 14 - St. Valentine's Day, commonly known as Valentine's Day. Is Valentine's Day not a good opportunity to try unique delicacies? We think absolutely so, that's why we invite you for a gala Valentine's dinner to the Patio Restaurant!

Some of us succumb to this tradition, which was passed to us from Western countries, while some openly criticize this holiday - explaining that it is unfair and discriminatory. Everyone has the right to his own opinion; some like them and consider it a nice and joyful habit (which, by the way, is not too much in our culture), others, unfortunately, do not handle it so euphorically, claiming that it is overrated and is the reason for the additional promotion of "everything that is red" :)

We approach this day with the attitude that it is a good opportunity to present our guests with the creativity of our Chef and create a unique Valentine's menu based on aphrodisiacs. Because we like to surprise you. And we like trying something new when you come back to us! And just Valentine's Day is such an opportunity. And if we add to this good food this romantic mood, THE ONE or THE ONE - it promises to be really nice. And after dinner - a walk along the streets of old Wrocław is a must ...

And aphrodisiacs? We believe that the very presence of a loved one is already an aphrodisiac in itself ... But when we add this carefully composed, unique menu, such an evening can turn into a real feast of flavors!

This year's menu includes baked salmon, which for centuries, thanks to their delicacy, have been considered a delight to the palate. It will be accompanied by various accessories, i.e. guacamole and flower petals. There will also be a tasty turkey with boletus risotto, with the addition of delicate glaze. What would a Valentine's dinner be without a sweet dessert? The final of our menu will be Pavlova meringue with kajmak cream, raspberry sorbet and chocolate flakes with chili.

Doesn't that sound tempting? Is Valentine's Day not a good opportunity to try such delicacies! We think absolutely so. Big "yes" for AFRODISIS AND Big TAAAAAAK for Valentine's Day in Wroclaw in Patio Restaurant!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of the Valentine's menu and to reserve tables.


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