- Rina Angelow-Rapita

When March turns into April, the Patio Restaurant welcomes a brand new menu! Our cooks have prepared as many as 7 dishes for you. Believe or not, that’s going to be something unique, for there’s the whole richness of spring hidden on the plate, to be true… Young, deliciously fresh vegetables and the so called… superfoods, famous for their majestic health properties. Sounds yummy, huh? So, if you’re heading for a little stroll across the Old Market Square, don’t forget to pay us a visit and indulge yourself in this kingdom of flavours! 

Spring is our favourite season, indeed! When all the nature around us is brought back to life, the palette of products for our cooks to choose from becomes much larger. Needless to say, after these long and dark winter months, they taste even better, won’t you agree? Vegetables colourful as the rainbow, bursting with precious vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, look, they’re here at last! And together with these famous superfoods, the legal highs of purest nature, with fresh and green leaves, they bring a little gem of culinary arts to this world! Yes, green calls the shots in our spring menu! Baby sorrel, spinach, watercress, rocket, wild garlic and crispy sprouts – you’ll find them all in our dishes.

Spring starters

If you are fond of soups, you’ll surely fall for our baby sorrel cream with quail egg, watercress and crème fraîche. Amidst a rich palette of choices, there are such stars for you to savour as the tart with baby spinach, halva with Łomnica cheese and cherry tomatoes, served with pesto of wild garlic, and spring vegetables. - My favourite starter in the whole of our spring menu is the salad with rabbit saddles sous-vide. Its meat is velvety soft, light and first of all delicious beyond your imagination. Rabbit is also quite a reasonable and fully safe choice for people dealing with various allergies, the same as for children and pregnant women. If marinated in advance, this meat becomes so wonderfully soft and delicate. Furthermore, the balsamic hibiscus cream and exotic litchi give it a fine and truly sophisticated soul, whereas the watermelon turnip makes the salad look like a rainbow – says our Chef, Wiktor Moczek.

Main dish

Yet, our menu could not exist without the best of the Polish classics in the culinary arts. It’s a pork loin sous-vide with stewed young cabbage served with foie gras, au gratin potatoes as well as a with powder of smoked pepper and tomatoes. Doesn’t it look like a delicious homemade dinner to you? Perfect for spring! We would have it every day if we could. And if you prefer poultry, though, there’s our country turkey in thyme – honey marinade with purée of white asparagus, as well as with snap peas, homemade carrot dumplings and salad with micro herbs. Ladies will surely find this dish of a particular beauty, for there are edible pansy flowers hidden amongst the salad ingredients! And to crown the whole feast, our salmon sous-vide fillet with grilled shrimp and cauliflower puree will softly caress your palate. Look, there, on your plate, right by the side of the healthy fish, you’ll find the long-forgotten, but extremely nutritious millet, mixed up with the goldish curcuma and saucy black pepper. A stimulating boost for your health, that is for sure! Oh, our mouth waters at the very thought of all these delicacies!

The mysterious tonka beans for dessert?

Our newest dessert is particularly interesting. Who’s had the chance to taste it during our tasting sessions, knows best what we mean. Clearly, this little gem has gained a whole bunch of fans already. It’s a delicious chocolate fondant with the more and more popular tonka beans, black and mysterious. They are seeds of a tropical tree called Dipteryx odorata (commonly known as "cumaru" or "kumaru), growing in Guiana and Venezuela. Although new and rather unknown yet, they’ll surely seduce you with their incredibly rich taste right away. It’s like a fusion of bitter almonds, honey and vanilla… Well, you need to taste them yourself.

All these insanely delicious dishes combined with a comfy ambience, stylish interiors and professional service shall be a splendid background for a truly pleasant family gathering and a successful business meeting alike. Come and be our Guest! FULL SPRING MENU CAN BE FOUND HERE!











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