Black Mamba from our brunette Patrycja

- Ewa Nowak
Black Mamba from our brunette Patrycja

Drinks are alcoholic beverages that are usually drunk from special cocktail glasses. These dishes often have a shape that widens at the top, which allows the use of fancy decorations. Preparation of drinks takes place just before serving, standardly in front of guests. They are served chilled, because after warming, they lose their taste.


Patrycja, our very nice waitress, revealed her favorite recipe for a delicious drink.

Here it is:

‘My specialty is a drink called Black Mamba, and I prepare it in such a way:

Necessary ingredients:

- espresso coffee

- 20 ml of Bayleys liqueur

- 20 ml of Kalua liqueur

- cane sugar

- cream

- ice cubes

We put ice cubes in the shaker, pour a little cream and cane sugar, add espresso coffee and mix everything. Then we add Bayleys and Kalua liqueurs, and mix all ingredients in a shaker. Such a prepared cocktail is poured in this way into chilled glass. This drink, thanks to its features, is ideal for cloudy and rainy days - it warms up and gives us power. ‘

I think that after such introduction, you feel convinced to visit us. We will be pleased, if you come to taste our specialty. We invite you cordially to our cozy Patio restaurant!


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