Autumn flavours in our menu!

- Magdalena Szydłowska
Autumn flavours in our menu!
We are quite happy to announce that for a few days now, we have a brand new menu to offer – and within it, lots of dishes inspired by the autumn season!
Dearest! The autumn is already here! And the Patio Restaurant is ready to welcome it with arms wide open! Our menu for the season is perfect in every sense of the word. It’s so full of autumn flavours such as pumpkin, mushrooms, nuts, rowanberry jam and many other delicacies. There are also such wonders like a salad with roasted pheasant meat, pork tenderloin prepared according to the sous-vide method, scented with the goose fat or warm crumble with autumn fruit for dessert. Sounds delicious? Of course it does! But also those preferring traditional flavours will find here something for themselves. Regional products, unique ingredients – such as stewed cabbage from the Barycz Valley or the goat cheese called “Niedźwiednik” are just an example. Quite understandably, our menu simply wouldn’t exist without the top flavour of autumn – namely the pumpkin itself! We use the well-known and much appreciated Muscat de Provence variation. Its intensively orange colour as well as the strong sweet aroma make it a perfect ingredient for cooking, frying, caramelising or baking even. As you probably know, pumpkin has few calories, yet a whole range of positive things within it! B-carotene, vitamin A, vitamins B... Pumpkin helps us to lose weight, deacidifies the organism and treats hypertension. And the autumn season is certainly the time when our body needs lots of vitamins and minerals to protect itself from infections. Apart from the pumpkin, you can also try the rowanberry jam – rich in vitamin C and dietary fibres. Yummy… delicious! Want to find out more? Sure! Check it out here! ENJOY YOUR MEAL!


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