- Rina Angelow-Rapita

There’s a strong bond between all the traditional flavours we’ve known and adored for ages, and the turbulent history our country was forced to face over the course of time. New eras came along, and together with them, also brand new, exotic dishes. Having found their place on the noble and aristocratic tables, they have eventually stayed with us forevermore. A good example of such a culinary immigration is the beef steak tartare which you can find in our a’la carte menu! Where does it come from? How did arrive to Poland? Here’s something you need to know about this exceptional delicacy! 

A bit of history...

Although it’s one of our favourite starters, traditionally believed to be Polish, the beef steak tartare does not come from the country by the Vistula River at all. Nor does it have anything to do with the cuisine of the Tatar warriors, which the name could falsely indicate. Actually, as the historical sources tell us, it’s a French dish from the beginning of the 18th-19th century, known there as Beefsteak à l'Americaine. When did our nation get interested in the raw beef? Hard to say… What is known, however, is the fact the fancy dish made its debut on the Polish tables in the interwar period.

What’s the secret of a true steak tartare?

Well, first and foremost, a high quality beef, and fresh of course! We use only and exclusively the best Polish beef tenderloin, selected very carefully from the finest ones available on the Polish market. It must be chopped meat, for only then it does not lose its precious flavour and quality assets. So, do remember – ground steak tartare is a fake! Don’t let them deceive you!

Steak tartare at the Patio Restaurant

A classic steak tartare is served with yolk, onion, oil and spices. Yet, we go even further and enrich it with salty fishes, that is anchovies, caviar, mixed pickles and elegant quail yolk. But there is one more ingredient, a mysterious one, indeed, proposed by our Chef, which makes the steak tartare taste like heaven… It’s the truffle oil! A few drops are enough to give the raw beef something quite special. For even a dish that simple can be a culinary adventure around the world of flavours and aromas you will adore. 

For grand occasion and for every other day...

Today, beef steak tartare is so much more than only a festive dish. We like enjoying its flavours on the everyday basis as well. First of and foremost, however, it’s an obligatory point of weddings, christening receptions and other solemn occasions. It can be served as an individual dish or an addition to meal, for instance on a crispy baguette. And what can’t be missing when there’s a steak tartare on the table? Vodka, of course! Polish vodka…. It’s the best one around, right?

Dear Guests! Come and savour our delicious steak tartare – a culinary wonder created by our Chef – Wiktor Moczek – and his team! Bon appétit!


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