- Rina Angelow-Rapita

When spring comes along, you know it’s time for a new kids’ menu at the Patio Restaurant! They are the most important Guests we could ever host, indeed, and therefore, they do deserve something special! Having combined the parents’ wishes with the newest culinary trends, we have decided to modify our children’s menu just a tiny little bit. Not only will you find brand new, truly delicious dishes there, but also some colourful, very attractive arrangements, literally bursting with riddles and secrets to solve.

Obviously, our Chef wasn’t left alone with the task. The merry and insanely talented dwarf Chrapek (Snorry) gave him a helping hand there. Do you know this little chap? You’ll meet him at the entrance to the Patio Hotel and Restaurant. As a matter of fact, the clever fellow knows all about children’s dreams and favourite flavours. Can you believe that? Had it not been for him, our menu would be a far cry from the culinary feast it is now! And most importantly, he was the one to suggest the crispy waffles and Oreo sundae! Admittedly, we were a bit anxious at first, unsure what our little Guests would think, but Snorry says children just love them, and now we are quite sure they do! 

Yet, before the dessert comes, it’s time to have a healthy and tasty dinner first. For a good start, we’ll pamper the little palates with a homemade broth, enriched with slices of country chicken meat and carrots. And if your offspring is brave enough, we can even serve them with a seasonal soup full of crispy croutons. How do you like this idea? Sounds yummy, huh?

As far as the main dish is concerned, there are as many as four options to choose from, starting with chicken tenders breaded in crispy Corn Flakes – the Snorry says children are rally obsessed with them! If that’s not to your child’s liking, there are also turkey meatballs with vegetables, served in tomato sauce. Sounds like a dinner at granny’s, right? And feels like home, so comfy, so nice. Another option are homemade seasonal dumplings in fruity sauce, enriched with almond flakes – soft, creamy, leaving such a pleasant sensation on your palate. And should your Little One be a gourmet indeed, we can serve them with a sous-vide salmon fillet in a delicious raspberry sauce, served with rice noodles, snow peas and baby carrots glazed with honey.

It has always been our priority to make children happy, to treat them with kindness and flavours they do find pleasant to try. That’s why our menu is so colourful, so healthy and natural in every aspect of the word, with minimal amounts of salt and fat. We have even gone that far to offer part of the dishes in the gluten-free version as well, which has been marked with a special symbol, easy no notice.

And once the little feast is over, your children can have a whale of a time at our new, interactive play zone located in the hotel lobby. Whereas the younger can savour the colourful, creativity stimulating card, the older kids shall certainly find our seasonal and a’la carte menu a nice thing to consider.

So, take your nearest and dearest for a wonderful family dinner! And we’ll do our utmost to please your culinary whims! See you soon at the Patio Restaurant! :)



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